About Reknid

"About Reknid"

Established in 2010, Reknid is a manufacturer of high quality bags and T-Shirts tailor made to suit customer requirements. We manufacture bags and T-Shirts through our network of factories in South India.

We have an in-house bag brand called “ http://wkbl1250.com/acne CampFire” which is a leading brand in India available at all major outlets across India and at many online stores. CampFire is designed as a global brand dedicated to the creation of unique, innovative and highly functional bags for all.

At Reknid, we also manufacturers customized T-Shirts through our partner factories in India and abroad. 

We use industry’s most leading edge technology and machinery for automated printing and embroidering  custom T-shirts. We offer highest quality products at affordable prices, with guaranteed delivery dates.

After more than half a decade of delivering great tailor made bags and T-Shirts within the region, we decided to share our expertise on providing custom made corporate gifts. We now offer a wide range of products for Personalized Corporate Gifts for all occasions.

We also provide Merchandise requirements for Marketing & Promotions, Rewards & Recognition for our corporate clients.

In all three areas of our focus, Bags, T-Shirts or Corporate Gifts; no order is too big or too small.

We do them all, your way!

Some of our esteemed clients...